• Ribera de Pelazas - paisaje
  • Ribera de Pelazas - paisaje

A unique grape in the world

Bodegas Ribera de Pelazas - Wines from Arribes del Duero

Welcome to Bodegas Ribera de Pelazas

Between terraces, vineyards and olive groves stands Bodegas Ribera de Pelazas at the small village of Pereña de la Ribera, Salamanca right in the heart of the Natural Park of Arribes del Duero.

Terroir, soils, microclimate has made of this area a truly privileged place for wines from traditional local varieties and oldest vineyards. At this point and hiding place emerges one of the best wines in the world wich puts Salamanca on the world wine map.

Because Bodegas Ribera de Pelazas owes its international recognition that it produces excellent Bruñal, cataloged 2007 like the British Wine Report Guide. It is a wine based on the recovered local variety Bruñal, native to the area and considered endangered, which gives it a unique and special character and own identity.

Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and almost unknown, located in northwestern Spain, where the Douro River tore the Spanish peneplain serving natural border with Portugal. More than 100 miles of incomparable scenery dotted with cliffs, waterfalls, banks ..., history, tradition and wine.

Landscapes, some drilled over millions of years by wise nature, others however, worked hard for generations by the tireless hands of our elders.

The winery is betting on the recovery of the varieties mentioned Bruñal or Juan Garcia, who already possess high ratings in the most prestigious guides and special pages, which puts them among the best in Spain.

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