Abadengo Crianza

Abadengo Crianza

Description: Made from Juan Garcia grapes specially selected from vineyards over sixty years old.Macerated in small conical frustum shaped tanks at a controlled temperature and produced by malolactic fermentation. Aged for 12 months in French oak barrels.Alcohol content 14º.

Type: Red wine Crianza

Packing: Bottle 75cl.

Service: Serving 16º-18º degrees.

Taste, Analysis ... Intense cherry red colour , shiny and lively with a nutty bouquet including a touch of blackberry, raspberry and currant bldnding perfectly with the spicy notes of the wood in which it has aged over 12 months. A great blance of acidity and a moderate presence of smooth and sweet tannins. Meaty and lasting on the grapes it is made from. Though at the optimum moment for drinking.

Wine with apellation of origin Arribes.This wine has received good ratings in both guides and magazines "Campsa" and "Peñin". This wine has been recomended by 'Living the Wine' and won the gold medal in top Arribes.

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