Gran Abadengo 30 months 2004

Description: Wine 100% made of grapes of the especial variety Juan García. These grapes grow in vines aged from 60 to 70 years. Pairing wine and dessert is usually a complex task, here is your perfect match. Limited edition. Only 2600 bottles have been produced. It is the first GRAN RESERVE with D.O. Arribes.
This wine fermentation is produced in a conical frustum 1500 litres shaped tank made of wood. Always 28ºC controlled temperature and using only native yeast. The malolactic fermentation takes place in oak barrels. The wine matures in French and Romanian oak barrels at least 30 months and it spends, at least, another 30 months in bottle before being sold.

Type: Red Wine Great Reserve; Limited edition.

Packing: Bottle 75 cl.

Service: 16º-18º degrees. Decant 1 hour before serving.

Taste, Analysis ... Red-Orange middle layer. Powerful nose, with aromas of maturing, blending in perfect balance the red fruit with aging tones (spices like cloves and nutmeg). The step into the palate is light, smooth, without edges, blending flavors of red fruit compote with balsamic clove and cinnamon. The aftertaste is long, elegant and pleasant, feeling the great balance in all phases of tasting.

Expert Corner ... This wine is a magnificent complement as a dessert wine (both sweet and savory flavors and specially with chocolate). It is also perfect match for appetizers. Can be enjoyed with smoked meat, cooked poultry (duck and chicken), cured aged cheeses.

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