Gran Abadengo

Gran Abadengo

Description: A wine made completely from selected Juan Garcia grapes from hundred years old vineyards. Made in conical frustum shaped tanks at a controlled temperature and produced by malolactic fermentation. aged 18 months in Romanian oak barrels. Alcohol content 13.5º

Type: Red wine Reserve

Packing: Bottle 75 cl.

Service: Serving temperature 16º-18º degrees.

Taste, Analysis ... An excellent red cherry colour clean and bright. Expressive nose with personality.A delicate bouquet of nuts and spices with a hint of vanila, cinnamon and ripe fruit.Palate is long initial taste warm, smooth and mild. A very pleasant, elegant, meaty and lasting taste with a very good compromise between and acidity.Very good ensemble between alcohol and acidity.Delicious aftertaste. You are at an optimum time and expect a long life.

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