Our warehouse is located in the “Natural Park Arribes del Duero”, Salamanca, in northwest Spain, where the river Douro tears through the peneplain of Castile to form a natural border with Portugal, over a hundred kilometers of peerless scenery replete with cliffs, waterfalls, canyons, gullies and terraces… Some of these landscapes had been carved out over millions of years by wisdom of mother nature, others eagerly worked over generations by the tireless hands of our elders.

Pereña de la Ribera is the heart and epicenter of Arribes, full of hundreds of small fields and centennial vineyards planted on natural terraces, that are the result of the use of one of the most emblematic terroir of the Iberian Peninsula.

Ribera de Pelazas winery has resumed legacy left behind generations of winemaking tradition, recovering forgotten local varieties such as Juan Garcia and the almost extinct, Bruñal.